Nutritional policy


At Hannah’s Kitchen our aim is to provide healthy, nutritious and tasty meals which are the essential ingredient in every child’s physical and mental development. We hope our nutritional policy will encourage the development of good eating practices for both children and parents for many a year to come.

Our menu is based on the Department of Health's "Food and Nutritional Guidelines for Pre-School Services". We use a variety of locally sourced ingredients that give our dinners that fresh and home cooked taste. Each meal has the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, and meats. We use our highly trained chefs to scrutinize each meal before being placed on the menu: Ryan aged 15, Hannah (hence our name) aged 12, and Sinèad aged 9, don’t hold back with their opinions of our dinners.

We can adapt our meals to meet the needs of any parent and child, whether due to allergies, religious or cultural beliefs. We will work alongside the crèche and or pre-school to accommodate these needs and will deliver the meals separately packed and labelled to ensure these needs are met. Our aim is to provide a meal that looks similar to the others so that the child does not feel left out. For the younger children we can provide mashed and pureed meals, which contain exactly the same nutritional content as the other meals. 

We have 25 meals that rotate on a 5 week cycle so that the children are stimulated every day with something different and tasty. We make all our meals and sauces gluten free (with the exception of our pasta and breaded meals which can be provided gluten free). We keep all of our meals low in sodium; we use a little stock to flavour our dinners, and we use milk in all of our cream dishes. Simply put, we do not use anything that we would not want our own children to eat.

At Hannah’s Kitchen we believe that fresh is always better than frozen, which is why it has always been our policy to deliver our meals fresh every day! We prepare all of our meals on site at our kitchen in Cork city. All our meats are fully traceable and sourced locally from HACCP compliant suppliers.